Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Nexus of Peak Oil and Deflationary Depression

Nicole Foss, a.k.a. Stoneleigh of The Automatic Earth, gives a great interview on Financial Sense with Jim Puplava about the intersection of peak oil, peak complexity, and deflationary depression. I especially liked the following statement she made - "What works when a few people are doing it, doesn't work when a trickle becomes a flood" (referring to our complex systems designed to facilitate economic activity, i.e. stock market, pension system, bankruptcy process, etc.)

A key point here is that a demand collapse in oil (price goes way down) due to debt deflation will set up a supply collapse in oil production in the near future, since existing projects will be halted, new ones foregone and infrastructure will not be maintained. She also spends some time talking about the crucial issue of peak complexity in modern society and diminishing returns to complexity (possibly even negative returns at this point). Anyway, please give it a listen!

Here is the link to The Automatic Earth's post - Jim Puplava interviews Stoneleigh

Here is the direct link to Financial Sense Newshour - Preparing for and Learning to Survive the Coming Perfect Storm

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